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In Budapest there are about 120 secondary schools, one of which is ours.

It is called Budai Középiskola (Budai High School). The brief history of it in a nutshell is the following. Three schools were established in different time in the last century and worked in the same building since 1973. Their names were Táncsics Mihály Grammar School, Szigeti György Technical Secondary School and Kossuth Lajos Economic Secondary School at those times. In 2004. these schools were emerged into one big school.

In 2008 the three subparts, now one school, were joined by Fényes Elek Economic Secondary School. Ever since then we have been an “eco school”, which is a patent granted by the Hungarian Government.

Our secondary school consists of two parts: grammar school (the main profile English – Hungarian bilingual type of education) and the vocational school with economic and technological training.

Budai Középiskola is operated and financed by the city council. We have approximately 1400 pupils in 49 classes and 126 teachers. The outstanding pedagogical effort of our professionals is signalled by 13 national awards.

We have 11 starting classes each year: one bilingual class, 2 language preparatory courses, one biology, one media, maths, science, informatic, 4 economics, and 1 electro-technical class.

Our school is also an official ECDL examination centre.

We are making combined efforts together with the Hungarian representation of Apple Inc. to make our school a site.

We teach with up-to-date methodology – on-going projects, theme weeks – to develop competences of our students.

Our students regularly take part successfully in national academic, professional, sport and drama contests, bringing home numerous awards.

In the electronics, electro-technical training we apply computer-programmed LEGO robotics to raise the attention of the students towards electro-technical and engineering professions.

In the four years of their economics studies – in the economics department – our students learn the basics of economic approach, and are given knowledge essential to any person existing in contemporary society.

Budai became the model school of OTP Bank’s (the biggest commercial bank in Hungary) Fáy András Foundation in 2011, and as a result, the financial education of our students has started in the framework of trainings done by the foundation.

Entrance process

Our entrance examination consists of two parts: one written and one oral examination. The written one is held in February including math and Hungarian literature and grammar, the oral one takes place in March, where teachers enquire about former arts and scientific education of the children.

The students attend our school between 14 and 19 years of age – most classes are 4 years long, while the bilingual and language-preparatory programs last for 5 years. On average there are about thirty students in a class. Each class is split up into two groups in second and third language, mathematics, and ICT classes, so that they can learn more efficiently in smaller groups.

Each class has a classmaster, who has to take care of personal matters, and who is a link between students and school administration, as well as between parents and school administration.

The academic year

At the end of every semester the students get a notice in January and a certificate in June about their results in all subjects. In each semester there is a parents’ night. This occasion is good for informing parents about their children’s academic results and disciplinary problems.

Besides there are consulting hours in November and April. Taking part in these is not compulsory for parents.

Extracurricular activities

After lessons children can go out for sports: football, volley-ball, basketball, badminton and table tennis. We have two gyms, one fitness room and two football fields. There is a swimming pool near here in Városmajor Street.

Budai Középiskola has a drama club and a newspaper editing circle. They edit ‘Budai Monitor’, the school newspaper in which there are details about school life and some pieces of art compiled by both our students and teachers.

Our students frequently go to theatres, museums and on trips organised by the school, so that they get cultural and intellectual education. We annually organise a reciting competition, a competition on proper and correct pronunciation, Halloween parties which normally take place in the school library.


We celebrate two national holidays: on 15th March and 23rd October we commemorate the revolutions of 1848 and 1956, which are two important milestones in the history of the Hungarian nation. We either have a celebration inside the school which includes a performance or presentation on the topic, or we visit famous sights in the capital and solve challenging exercises in connection with the holiday.

Every August, before the start of school, there is a three-day camp for ‘freshmen’. Here the students and the classmaster can get acquainted with each other. Every March we organise a meeting with the student council. Here the student leaders can give their opinion on school life, facilities, programmes such as school-leavers’ ball and the graduation ceremony.

The organisation of Budai Evening belongs to our annual school traditions, which recalls the atmosphere of different historical eras. This afternoon provides great opportunity for students, teachers, parents and other prominent visitors to get acquainted with clothing, eating habits, pieces of art, like poems or music typical of the given decade. In 2005 we reflected the 1960s, in 2006 we celebrated a Carnival, in 2007 we represented the Renaissance, in 2008 the Baroque and in 2009 the characteristics of Art Nouveau, the Impressionism and Symbolism were displayed. We summoned ancient Greece and Greek gods and goddesses in 2010, evoked the 22nd century in 2011, whilst in 2012 we remembered famous Hungarian composer, Zoltán Kodály, and writer István Örkény, who both had anniversaries this year.

Each year there is a competition commemorating anniversaries of different prominent figures, artists from the past of Hungary. For these the students submit works of art, film projects, and artistic translations of literature to different foreign languages.

Annual events

Every year there is a student day at our school where the student council organizes numerous programmes that would interest the students, for example competitions of various sorts, even student-teacher matches. Every class has to come up with an idea, such as Activity in a foreign language, mainly in English; intellectual game shows; sports events or funny roleplays: getting married, beauty contests; or organizing themed buffets (such as a British tea party), film clubs, etc. We call it Budai Students’ Day; some years we even cook delicious Goulash soup in large kettles out in the school yard.

 Our secondary school provides a ski camp in February, a canoeing camp in June, and several school trips to Transylvania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Italy, Turkey and England.


In the first year our students can study English language in small groups, in 18 lessons a week in the bilingual class and in 12 lessons in the language preparatory courses. After passing the closing English examination at the end of this first year, members of the bilingual class learn 3 of the following subjects (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Studies, Biology, Music and Civilization) for 4 years in English. If they take advanced final exams (maturity examinations, the prerequisites of graduation from secondary school in Hungary) of 2 subjects in English, they get an advanced level English certificate.

We have one English, and one German-Spanish language preparatory class. The purpose of these is to give students a solid foundation in grammar, listening, fluency, translation and reading skills of a foreign language in the first year. After passing the closing examination of the first year, students learn according to the traditional national curriculum.

Our students can choose to learn German, Spanish, Italian, French, or Russian as second foreign langue, 2 years of which is obligatory in the grammar school subpart of the school.

Language summer camps are regularly organized near Barcelona and in Austria by our school.


When our students complete their schooling, they take a national final exam in at least 5 major subjects, after which they get a general certificate of secondary education. After finishing secondary school they can apply for admission to universities, colleges, or technical schooling, which all require the final (also called maturity) ecaminations. Starting with 2005 students can choose either to take intermediate, or advanced level final exams nationwide, as well as in our school..

If somebody wants to get admitted to the faculty of economics, arts, medicine or science at universities, they have to take the advanced level final exams in two subjects at least.


If you interested in our school do not hesitate to contact us:
e-mail: iskola@budaikozepiskola.hu
phone: +36.1.225-7510
post: H-1126 Budapest Márvány u. 32.

Thank you for your attention!


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