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Junior Ambassador program Hollandiában 2017

Junior Ambassador Programme

“The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is, just be nice to everyone and always smile.” Ed Sheeran


The moment we were informed about the chance to visit The Netherlands and get to know their culture, I got really excited. Since I was 5, I have dreamed of paying a visit to “the land of the cheese”.  This remarkable trip has surely affected/ will affect my life, at least my future career.

Thanks to the early booking of the tickets we had a chance to look around in Amsterdam, and experience the pace of the hectic city of the “XXX”. Next day we were taken to the local school SSGN (Nijmegen) by bus, where we met the Dutch junior ambassadors. Afterwards we were given a  warm welcome by our “temporary” exchange partner, who was selected from the juniors. During the next 3-day period we had to work in groups on the five scenarios, which had been introduced by Jean-Claud Juncker, the president of European Comission. It took us 2 days of industrious work to consider the pros and cons of each scenario, we even came up with the idea of a sixth one.

During the remaining  time of our visit  we travelled across Belgium and the Netherlands, ending our journey in the Hauge. Firstly we went on an excursion in the European Museum, then in the European Parliament, where we had the chance to listen to an impressively thought-provoking presentation. After a nice stroll in the city, the whole group went to Rotterdam where we were accommodated in the Student Hotel, which is a fascinating place for young students like us. In the morning we went on a boat trip, which showed us the largest harbour in Europe, then later on during the city tour we could see the modern building of Centraal Station and were also told the story of each imposing skyscraper. In the glorious city of the Hague we visited the Dutch House of Parliament and  the Europe House, in which we finally received our certificates and officially became “European Junior Ambassadors”.

To sum up, all I can say is that if anybody has the chance to participate in this wonderful programme, I highly recommend to take the opportunity.


Adam Sors
Junior Ambassador of 2016/17